Only for short-term renting. 

At Puolanka, on the north shore of the lake Auhojärvi, meant for around the year use. A "Mammuttihirsi" (mammoth log) cottage.
The first floor is about 85m2, it has a kitchen-living room+bedroom+a sauna+a toilet. The second floor is about 50m2, 3 bedrooms and a toilet.

The cottage has modern accommodations. Floor warming. The cabin is accessible with a wheelchair.
The upper part of the yard is lawn and the lower part is in its natural state.
A sauna near the edge of the water that is warmed with wood.
The bottom of the lake near the beach is fine sand. It is good for children too as it doesn't get deep too fast.

The cottage is at a peaceful place. The closest neighbour cottage is about 100 meters away and it is usually empty so there shouldn't be any disturbance. 

It has a rowboat for fishers. The lake has plenty of different kinds of fish like perch, pike, whitebait, whitefish, pikeperch etc. The lake is part of the waters of the river "Kiiminkijoki".

The lake has access to the river "Pirttijoki" which is about 15 kilometers long. There's a resting place about 5km downstream from the Koivikko cottage and another one about 10km from that. It's great to go down the river with a canoe for example. By going down the river "Kalhamanjoki" you can go to the lake "Kalhamanjärvi", and you can go there by car to get the canoe. The passage is about 25km long. 

At the nearby lake "Pirttijärvi" there's a good beach-volley field. There's also room for relaxing and getting a tan. At "Lippokangas", which is located next to the beach, there's lots of paths for joggers or even riders. 

In the autumn there's some lands of the country for hunters, which have lots of fowl. Especially the rabbit population is large. It is well known that a good place to collect berries during the autumn is at "Luppoperä" and the berry season covers pretty much all the typical finnish berries.
During the winter you can get to the straight to the snowmobile route. By ice-fishing a good fisherman can catch the lakes large perches.

When you come to the cottage you should take with you: covers, household towels and toilet paper. 

The Koivikko cottage has sleeping room for up to 8-12 people. The prices are for 10 people. If you want more beds you will have to pay extra. 

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